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Residential HVAC Services Houston, TX

Home HVAC Maintenance in Houston, TX

Residential HVAC Maintenance in Houston TX

You will receive quality workmanship in the areas listed below for the GoldStandard™ air conditioning and heating scheduled maintenance program because we are committed to integrity and technical excellence in all of our work.  We will test, inspect, monitor, clean, and adjust your system using advanced and precise instruments to ensure safe and efficient system operation.

Comfort System Maintenance – It’s Like Changing the Oil in Your Car.



Air Conditioning – Summer Maintenance Checklist

01. Clean Indoor Coil if Accessible
02. Blow Out & Flush Condensate Drain (if clogged)
03. Ensure Correct System Airflow
04. Inspect Duct System for Leakage/Energy Loss
05. Measure Capacitor Values
06. Clean & Adjust Blower Components
07. Clean or Replace Air Filters (you provide filter)
08. Measure Temperature Differential
09. Test Thermostat for Accuracy
10. Ensure Correct Refrigerant Charge & Operating Temperatures
11. Inspect Electrical Disconnect Box
12. Ensure Safe Wiring

Heating – Winter Maintenance Checklist

01. General Inspection
02. Test for Gas Leaks
03. Inspect Heat Exchangers for Cracks
04. Test Air Supply for Carbon Monoxide
05. Inspect & Clean Furnace Burners
06. Ensure Safe Equipment Wiring
07. Clean Furnace to Remove Combustible Dust
08. Test Controls & Ignition System
09. Test & Clean Thermocouple or Flame Sensor
10. Ensure Combustion Products are Safely Vented Outside the Home
11. Clean or Replace Air Filters (you provide filter)
12. Clean & Adjust Blower Components
13. Measure Temperature Differential
14. Inspect Duct System for Leakage/Energy Loss
15. Test Thermostat for Accuracy

Get The Right Residential HVAC Maintenance

Studies by the Louisiana Cooperative show you could save as much as $30 a month on your utility bill by keeping your air conditioning system properly cleaned and serviced.

Increase Equipment Safety

Comfort systems operate at high pressures and voltages. Our servicemen are trained to recognize and correct potentially dangerous problems.

Add Years To Equipment Life

Proper maintenance greatly reduces the chances of equipment breakdown by correcting problems before they cause damage.

Save Money On Repairs

As a GoldStandard™ member, you will save up to 15% on repairs should your system ever need repair. You will also never pay an overtime charge!

Be A Priority Customer

GoldStandard™ members are served first.

Plan For The Future

If you sell your home, the GoldStandard™ Maintenance Membership is transferable to the new owner.  (Some restrictions apply.)

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