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DMH900 HEPA Filtration: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration

DMH900—Not Your Average Filter

  • Six Levels of Filtration and Purification
  • Hospital operating room quality pure air
  • Runs independently of your air conditioning system, therefore it does not restrict air flow in your system and it is able to run all the time
  • High efficiency ECM motor at less than 50 waats delivers 250 cfm (When it comes to energy cost, it can be compared to the cost of powering one lightbulb.)
  • Will remove odors, gasses, lint, hair, and more
  • Delivered right into the bedrooms for healthy breathing while you sleep

Clean, Healthy Air Delivered 24/7

  • Pure air is essential for clean and healthy living. It is especially important in your home where you live and sleep.
  • We install this independently operated HEPA filter to take air from a common area in your home, send it through 6 levels of filtration, and then deliver the purified, hospital-operating-room quality air into the bedrooms of your home, and all of this every hour of the day.

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