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Air Duct Replacement in Houston, TX

Gold Dust Duct Renovation

The majority of comfort problems we solve are matters of bad ductwork.
So let us help you get your ducts in a row.

Duct Repair in Houston TX

Why Do You Need Duct Repair Services?

Duct leakage could be wasting up to half of what you spend on air conditioning and heating. It can cause premature compressor failure. It can deliver unhealthy pollutants and contaminants from your attic right into your home. It can cause hot and cold spots in your home. View this video on our DARE™ installation process to learn why we consider ductwork to be the first matter of concern when solving comfort issues.

Your Duct System: Explained

Your ducts extend across your attic to pull air from your home into your air conditioning system, through your air conditioning coil, and deliver it back into your home. They are connected to the registers in your ceiling and to the air handler mounted in your attic. Problems occur when these ducts are restricted, detached, broken, deteriorated, or poorly designed.

Solving the Problem.

Sometimes a home needs duct sealing and straightening. Very often, another return duct is necessary. In extreme cases you may require a replacement of the whole duct system. Whatever the case, we test our work with advanced instruments to verify our design and system improvements.


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