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Commercial HVAC Air Balancing in Houston TX

Certified Air Balancing

Airflow is one of the most fundamental aspects of the HVAC system, but it seems to be the one aspect that is most neglected in commercial and residential construction alike. Our consultants, trained and certified by the National Comfort Institute, have the expertise and the tools to solve nearly any airflow problem.

Signs That You Need Commercial Air Balancing Service

Imbalanced airflow is a critical issue for many of the building owners and administrators that we meet with. The problem is amplified when coupled with the following symptoms:

  • “Pockets” of warm, cold, or stale air
  • Temperature imbalances from room to room
  • Pressure imbalances from room to room
  • Higher energy bills
  • Disputes over control of the thermostat

Solid Engineering, Solid Design

Proper air distribution is critical for even comfort, especially when dealing with larger commercial systems. And proper air distribution does not happen without solid engineering. That is why we use the latest standards from ACCA, SMACNA, and ASHRAE to design, size, and install commercial air distribution systems.

Precisely Balancing Airflow

Many people do not realize that an air distribution system is not finished once it is designed and installed. No duct system is “self-balancing;” it must be balanced by adjustable dampers installed in the air ducts. We measure the airflow from each register using state-of-the-art airflow hoods, and adjust the dampers until the values match the calculated load conditions of each room.

Correcting Airflow Problems

Many of the problems we encounter can be corrected by using dampers as described above. However, there are instances where we find inadequate air distribution designs that must be corrected before we can balance. Our consultants can advise you on the best course of action in your particular situation. Schedule a visit today!

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